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New Lely Hibiscus 425 S Single Rake

New Lely Hibiscus 425 S Single Rake P.O.A. Neat raking is important for minimising crop contamination. The unique Ro-tine is designed to ensure minimal contact between the grass and the ground during raking. This [...]


New McConnel Topper 9

New McConnel Topper 9 P.O.A. The UK’s best-selling nine-foot topper | This heavy-duty machine has a proven track record for reliability | Its 2.75m working width, powerful rotors and hardened updraft swinging blades deliver [...]


2014 Belmac 800 Zero Grazing Machine

2014 Belmac 800 Zero Grazing Machine Selling on behalf of a customer | Exceptionally tidy machine with very low use | The O-Grazer is specifically designed for Irish conditions. This machine is [...]


2013 Kverneland Taarup 4332 Trailed Mower

2013 Kverneland Taarup 4332 Trailed Mower This machine has been fully checked through and is ready for the field | Exceptionally tidy | Comes with grouper | Including features such as SemiSwing [...]


2016 Claas 2700 Rake

2016 Claas 2700 Liner / Rake SOLD Class LINER 2700 This rake is as new, and ideal for round baling. It is a central swath liner/rake with a maximum swath width of 2.00 m [...]


Kverneland 3124 8′ Mounted Mower Conditioner

Kverneland 3124 8' Mounted Mower Conditioner P.O.A. Kverneland 3124 8' Mounted Mower Conditioner. Fully checked through and serviced our own high standards | READY FOR FIELD immediately | exceptionally tidy throughout. [...]

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New & Used Mowers

Whether you are cutting for hay or silage, with our often unreliable summers it is important that you have mowing equipment that is not going to let you down. McCullagh machinery sell a wide variety of New & Used mowers, harvesters and mower conditioners from Kverneland, Lely, Kuhn, JF and Welger to name a few.

Flail Mowers

The most popular variety of mowers are rotary mowers and flail mowers. A flail mower has a number of small blades attached to a horizontal axis. The cutting is caused by the heads striking the grass at a very high speed. Flail mowers are most often used on rough ground where there can be a number of obstructions, weight and speed of the blades makes these mowers better on thick grass than other mowers. Some flail mowers can also be used in an upright position to trim hedges.

Rotary or Drum Mowers

Rotary mowers or drum mowers are tractor mounted and capable of mowing at reasonably high speeds in good conditions they can be mounted front or rear and can be grouped to cover a larger area. Rotary mowers have a row of discs with blades that spin at high speeds, if they are operated on rough ground the blades can swivel to absorb a blow from a hard object such as a stone or a root.


We also sell smaller ride on lawnmowers for smaller gardening or green-keeping use.

Support & Back-up

All mowers sold by McCullagh Machinery in the UK & Ireland come with a warranty, you can be assured that they have been checked and tested to the highest standard. Our warranty offer you the peace of mind that you are buying quality equipment that will not let you down. If you should have a problem when using your mower then you can be assured that we will be there to help with our service team on site and in the field.