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New Rocha Pendular Wagtail Sowers

New Fertilizer spreaders Rocha Pendular KP1000 & KP600 P.O.A. This pendulum fertilizer spreader/seeder has been devised to spread granulated or powder fertilizer, lime and seeds in general with great precision | The need for [...]


New Einbock Pneumatic airseeder P-BOX-STI

New Einbock Pneumatic airseeder P-BOX-STI P.O.A The P-BOX-STI is a pneumatic airseeder with electrical seed amount dosage |The user-friendly SPEED-TRONIC control unit regulates the seeding amount depending on working speed | Speed-data is obtained [...]


Shelbourne Reynolds Fertispread

Shelbourne Reynolds Fertispread Shelbourne Reynolds Fertispread Trailed Spreader | This a totally original machine | Ideal for salt spreading or fertilizer spreading To make an enquiry about call [...]


Lely-Accord Power Harrow / Seeder

Lely-Accord Power Harrow / Seeder Pneumatic One-Pass system | Fully Checked through to a very high standard and in exceptional condition | This machine is ready for work immediately [...]


Amazone ZA-M 1200

Amazone ZA-M 1200 2 ton sower | 18-24 meter | comes extension and border spread limiter kit | Mint condition throughout Full Specification Make Amazone Model ZA-M 1200 Year [...]

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Sowers and Sowing Machines

A sower or sowing machine is responsible for possibly the most important part of the crop-growing cycle. This is where it all begins. We stock new and used sowers from manufacturers such as Kuhn, Vicon, Amazone, Sulky, Rocha, Rauch and Cosmo. However big or small the job we will have a sower to suit.

Support & back-up

All used sowers sold in the UK & Ireland by McCullagh Machinery come with a warranty. The warranty is a measure of the confidence¬† we hold in each and every machine that we sell. It also gives you, the buyer, a level of certainty rarely afforded in the used machinery market. On top of this our team of specialists will be on hand to assist you should you have any issues with the sower. With McCullagh Machinery the relationship doesn’t end when you drive out of the gates.