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New Conor Engineering Vertical Diet Feeder Range


The Conor Vertical Diet Feeder is designed to handle all types of feed efficiently, ensuring a consistent mix which offers high nutritional value and improved yield. The diet feeder has a specially shaped auger and tub which can handle all types of bales ; hay, silage and straw.

  • Standard

    • Two counter blades
    • Adjustable hinge trays to control feed distribution height
    • Independent double chassis increasing stability and support
    • 2 feed-out doors, allowing feed to be distributed left or right
    • Heavy duty construction 8mm plate outer body and 20mm plate base, 15mm thick plate in the auger
    • Wide angle PTO shaft
    • LED lighting
    • Large viewing platform
  • Optional 

    • Side conveyor
    • Front conveyor
    • Reduction gearbox
    • Beet knive
    • Custom options for positioning of feed-out doors


 Model  CV12000 CV14000 CV15000 CV17000 CV20000
Overall Height 2.97m 3.27m 2.50m 2.87m 2.97m
Overall Width  2.66m 2.66m 2.38m 2.38m 2.72m
Base Width 2.40m 2.40m 2.12m 2.12m 2.12m
Body Height 2.03m 2.33m 1.70m 1.92m 2.01m
Overall Length  5.60m 5.60m 6.40m 7.61m 7.88m
Discharge Height 0.94m 0.94m 0.80m 0.97m 0.97m
Unladen Weight 4000kg 4200kg 6100kg 6800kg 7200kg
Max Weight 8800kg 9800kg 12100kg 13600kg 15200kg
Capacity  12 cubic metres 14 cubic metres 14 cubic metres 17 cubic metres 20 cubic metres
HP Requirement  80HP 90HP 100HP 110HP 12HP

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