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New Fleming Double Bale Tipper

The Bale Tipper has a Heavy duty main beam made from 120mm reinforced structural box frame. It can be fitted to both the front and the back of the tractor.

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Efficiency and reliability are key words when it come to baling. Given the temperamental weather we enjoy in this part of the world the phrase ‘make hay while the sun shines’ rings true. It’s important to know that when the conditions are right to make hay your equipment does not let you down. At McCullagh machinery you can be sure that our balers and baling equipment will not let you down. We test every machine so that you can be confident that you are ready for the field immediately. With a range of balers, rakes, tedders, bale wrappers, bale grabs,lifters and stackers McCullagh Machinery cover all your requirements from cutting to to handling.

The McCullagh Process

Each piece of machinery is hand-picked from one of our reliable sources and then goes through a meticulous preparation process before it’s offered for sale. Firstly the machine will be cleaned thoroughly before being sent into the workshop to our experienced team of mechanics, any components that do not meet our standards will be replaced. Any essential repairs to the body-work or panels of the baler will be carried in our body-shop to leave it as close as possible to it’s original state. We will only sell a machine when we are happy to put our name to it

Support & Back-up

All baling equipment sold in the UK & Ireland by McCullagh Machinery come with a warranty. The warranty is a measure of the confidence  we hold in each and every machine that we sell. It also gives you a level of certainty rarely afforded in the used machinery market. On top of this our team of specialists will be on hand to assist you should you have any issues, or if you just need some help to get started. This helps you to reduce down-time and get on with the business of baling. With McCullagh Machinery the relationship doesn’t end when you drive out of the gates.