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Preparing land well before sowing can be the difference between a poor crop return and and a good crop return, ploughing brings much need nutrients to the surface while burying weeds and unwanted organic debris. After being left to dry a field should then be well harrowed before sowing or planting. Ploughing and cultivating the soil in this way is known to homogenise the upper 10 to 25 cm of the soil. McCullagh machinery sell a variety of ploughs and harrows from a number of manufacturers like Kverneland and Kuhn.

Support & Back-up

All ploughing equipment sold by McCullagh Machinery in the UK & Ireland come with a warranty, you can be assured that they have been checked and tested to the highest standard. Our warranty offers you the peace of mind that you are buying quality equipment that will not let you down. If you should have a problem when using your machinery then you can be sure that we will be there to help with our service team on site and in the field. We are only a phone-call away for any help or advice