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Pottinger Announce McCullagh Machinery as an Authorised Dealer

Pottinger Announce McCullagh Machinery as an Authorised Dealer

PÖTTINGER Ireland is delighted to announce the recent appointment of McCullagh Machinery of Bellanaleck, Co. Fermanagh as an authorised dealer for the full range of PÖTTINGER products, both Grassland & Tillage, sales, service and spare parts.

From its main depot in Bellanaleck near Enniskillen in Co. Fermanagh, McCullagh Machinery will be responsible for a large area of counties surrounding its base.

With matching values to PÖTTINGER Ireland, McCullagh Machinery are well known for their attention to detail and quality sales and aftersales, hence making it the perfect match for both companies.

Diarmuid Claridge, PÖTTINGER Ireland Managing Director commented: “This is an exciting new development for PÖTTINGER Ireland and a massive addition of strength to our already strong and growing dealer network in Ireland.

“Lloyd and his team at McCullagh Machinery are passionate about quality in every aspect of the business, from the initial enquiry right down to the delivery and aftersales call outs, customers receive a high-class professional care and support service.

“With newly launched products like the IMPRESS baler range, the Novacat Cross flow auger grouper mowers and the Aerosem seed drill combination, McCullagh Machinery will be out in force this coming spring and summer to demonstrate and prove to its tillage and grassland customers the quality of build and performance they can receive from PÖTTINGER machines.”

Lloyd McCullagh, Managing Director McCullagh Machinery said: “Adding PÖTTINGER to our product portfolio allows us to offer our customers a range of new products at the quality level they would expect from us. The level of innovation and technology offered by PÖTTINGER is unparalleled. We are very excited by the opportunities this partnership offers.”

McCullagh Machinery was established in 1990 by Lloyd McCullagh, over 30 years the business has grown organically on the back of a reputation for quality and attention to detail.

Every machine sold by McCullagh Machinery leaves the premises with a full warranty. This uncompromising level of customer service has built a strong and loyal customer base across the island of Ireland, and beyond.

Be Safe This Slurry Season

With the closed period for slurry spreading coming to an end across the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland in the month of January it is a good time to remember the dangers of slurry and take precautions to remain safe.

Poisonous Gases

Mixing slurry has the potential to be the most dangerous of all activities on the farm. Slurry gas is released very quickly and in large quantities as soon as mixing begins. The gas produced is a mixture of a number of gases, the most deadly of which is hydrogen sulphide. Even at low levels hydrogen sulphide can affect your sense of smell so you will not even know that the gas is present. As levels increase you can become confused and have breathing difficulties and above a certain level just one breath of the gas can kill.

The first 30 minutes are the critical period, all sheds should be vacated immediately once mixing starts and remain empty for a least 30 minutes. Planning is key to safety and it is important to consider all of the dangers and potential for accidents. Cover all openings and keep children and animals as far away as possible. Also remember that the 30 minute rule applies when mixing begins and every time you move the pump or change the direction of mixing.

Follow The Slurry Mixing Code


  • Keep children away from the area at all times when working with slurry
  • If possible, mix on a windy day
  • Open all doors
  • Take all animals out of the building before starting to mix slurry
  • Use outside mixing points first
  • If slats are removed, cover exposed areas of the tank beside the pump/mixer to stop anything falling in
  • Start the pump/mixer – then get out and stay out of the building for as long as possible – at least 30 minutes
  • Any time you have to go into the building try to make sure that another adult knows what you are doing and can get help if necessary
  • If you have to re-enter to move the pump or change the direction of the pump, leave the building as soon as this is done – do not go back in for as long as possible – at least another 30 minutes


  • Rely on filter type facemasks
  • Use gas monitors as a substitute for working safely
  • Have naked flames near slurry, as slurry gas mixture is flammable
  • Stand close to the exhaust of a vacuum tanker when it is being filled


If you find someone has been overcome during slurry mixing, if possible, stop the pump and get the person to fresh air but do not put yourself at risk in the process. If breathing is weak or stopped, artificial respiration may be effective. Contact the emergency services and seek immediate medical attention.

We value all of our customers here at McCullagh Machinery and hope that this information is useful to you. Please stay safe. To view our range of slurry equipment click  HERE

Keeping Safe During the Storms

Following the recent stormy weather HSENI has issues advice for farmers and outdoor workers to follow if they are planning to be working during or immediately after a spell of stormy weather. As with all works carried out on the farm it is essential that it is completed with safety in mind.

The main hazards are falls from height, flying debris and falling objects. An assessment of the effects of storm conditions on the workplace is required to identify hazards and take the necessary precautions.

Necessary Precautions

The following areas require specific attention:

  • extreme care must be taken when working with wind fallen / damaged trees, they may be unstable with the risk of crushing for people involved in cutting and removing them.
  • avoid all work at height, do not consider going on any roof or near exposed edges, winds in excess of 23mph (Force 5) will affect a person’s balance and increase the chance of falls.
  • stop work in places with a risk of falling objects or collapse of temporary structures, partially built structures, unsupported gable peaks etc.
  • remove or secure loose materials which may be blown and become a hazard.
  • access onto fragile roofs (corrugated iron, asbestos, PVC skylights etc.) damaged during the storm should only be undertaken with appropriate equipment to prevent falls through the roof.
  • if electrical power lines have been blown down or if there are any exposed electrical conductors, these must not be approached and NIE should be contacted on 03457 643643.
  • check scaffolding is secured and adequately tied and if required provide additional ties or supports, following the storm the scaffolding needs to be inspected by a competent person before being brought back into use.
  • cranes should be inspected for damage prior to being brought back into service in accordance with the manufacturer’s manual.
  • cranes should be placed in a safe out of service condition, in particular Luffing jib cranes must be in free slew with the jib at a safe out of service radius, the manufacturer’s manual should be consulted for advice on taking the crane out of service in high winds.
  • after the storm excavations and partially completed structures should be inspected for strength and stability.

While it is not possible to detail every work-related activity requiring attention as a result of storm damage, it is essential that employers should take account of the storm and the impact it may have had on work activities.

There may be significant damage following the storm, therefore it is essential that all clean up and repair works are both suitably assessed and carried out by competent persons.

In general, it is not possible to detail every work related activity, but all employers should assess their work activities and take appropriate precautions.

For further information please see HSENI’s website or contact the HSENI helpline on 0800 0320 121.

Take a look at what’s coming soon to McCullagh Machinery

Coming into the autumn season we have been busy buying more premium quality stock across all of our ranges, as ever we have sourced the best machinery we can find. They are all working their way through our workshop at the moment and we will only put these machines up for sale once they have been checked and passed to our uniquely high standards. That’s not to say that we can’t give you a sneak preview of what is coming!

Wide range available

We have a wide variety of tractors from John Deere, Massey Ferguson and New Holland along with sowers, rakes, slurry tankers and much more for the farm. For the construction site we have handlers from Manitou, Kubota diggers and a Mustang Skid-steers. A number of Livestock trailers from Bateson, Ifor Williams and Nugent, and hedgecutters from McConnel and Bomford. check out the lists below to see if there is anything that you might be interested in. It goes without saying that they will exceed your expectations once they’re ready.

Quality can’t be rushed

While it is in our best interest to get these machines on the forecourt and website as soon as possible, it wouldn’t do us any good to rush. Our reputation is built upon providing machines that are prepared to highest standards. We will make sure that every aspect of each machine has been tested, and tested again so that we can sell them with full warranty. Only by us going through this process can you be sure that you have bought a machine that will work for you the way you want it to, from day one.

Call us on 028 6634 8213 (UK) or 048 6634 8213 (ROI) for more information.

Going The Extra 4000 Miles

We are selling our machinery further afield with the help of our website, but it doesn’t matter if you are in Offaly or Ontario our commitment is the same. We will sell you the very best used machinery available on the market and you can trust us to deliver on our promises. Here is a note from a happy customer in Canada who recently purchased a Fendt 516 tractor after seeing it online.

We arranged for the tractor to be prepared for shipping to Canada and made a few adjustments as requested by the customer before we sent it on its way. Following it’s 11 day 3250 mile sea trip to Halifax Nova Scotia via Liverpool and then a lengthy road journey of 1100 miles from Halifax to Arthur, Ontario the tractor eventually arrived with its new owners, who I think it is fair to say were happy with their purchase.

All of us here at McCullagh Machinery wish David & Lynn many happy years of farming and thank them for their business.

We recently bought a used tractor from Lloyd McCullagh, advertised on the internet. We moved from England to Canada, in 2003 and still like the European tractors over the North American. Importing a tractor to Canada, involves a lot of cleaning, the tractor has to be spotless.
We bought the tractor, unseen, with only pictures from the internet and a description from Lloyd. We needed a few things changing on it, and Lloyd was very obliging, getting the work done. The tractor came through customs with no problem. When the tractor arrived, it was exactly as described.
This shows Lloyd and his staff are honest, trustworthy and pay attention to detail. We highly recommend Lloyd McCullagh.

David & Lynn Robertshaw